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fufu flour
Fufu Flour


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bow to cook ofada rice
Ofada Rice
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pupuru cassava flour
Pupuru Flour


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Shea butter
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pre-curled braids ombre
Darling Empress Curly Braids


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Golden morn 300g
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dried ewedu powder
Ewedu Powder


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Checker Custard
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Bokolisa Soup Powder


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Honeywell whole wheat meal
Honey well Whole Wheat Meal


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plantain flour
Plantain Flour - Elubo Ogede


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ewa agoyin pepper
Ewa Agoyin Pepper

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ingredient for egusi
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Kehinde Teniola

I enjoy shopping here. Great shopping experience . Authentic Nigerian foods and Ingredients. Fast and quick Delivery.

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You should patronise them. I am now a permanent customer because they go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I am truly impressed.

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Joseph T.

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