How to cook Nigerian Pap | Baby Pap

After you read this recipe, you will never throw away your watery pap. Instead, you will begin to count how much pap you have wasted by thinking your watery pap is beyond remedy and throwing it away.

Before I continue with this cooking hack or recipe, I will be explaining what baby pap is and why it is so common in Nigerian.

Pap - Nigerian food

Organic food and organic eating is a general way of life in Nigeria. This includes everything that has to do with food from farming to cooking and eating. High importance is placed on feeding babies nutritious and organic foods and the most common baby food baby pap.


Nigerian pap is called difference name by locals. Yellow or white pap is called Ogi by the Yoruba people and red sorghum pap is called Ogi baba. The Igbo people call pap 'akamu' while Hausa people call pap 'koko'. Check our shop for Yellow Pap Akamu/Ogi or Dry Pap Powder

Pap is a general favourite of everyone from young to old because it is nutritious. It can also be combined with a wide variety of other foods . Common Nigerian pap combinations are stated below.

Types of Nigerian Pap

There are different types of pap depending on the ingredients or combination of ingredients used to make it. We have white corn pap which is made from just white corn.

There is yellow corn pap, as the name implies it is made from yellow corn. Sorghum pap or red pap is made from red sorghum while Nigerian baby pap is made from a Yellow corn, sorghum, guinea corn and millet.

Baby pap is also known as brown pap because of its colour as it has a light brown appearance. Honestly, the list of delicious foods that combine well with Nigerian pap can not be fully exhausted but one thing is for certain Nigerian pap is a healthy meal you should try.

How to make Nigerian Pap

Below are the steps on how to traditionally make pap using traditional methods.

  • Add some raw pap into a big bowl
  • Add little water to dissolve the pap in order to achieve a thick and semi-runny consistency
  • Fill your kettle with water and boil
  • Wait till the water boils properly
  • Slowly pour the hot water into the bowl with raw pap while mixing immediately
  • cover the hot pap and allow it to set

This is the part where it becomes tricky. In most cases the pap would thicken but, in some cases, the pap would remain watery.

Most people give up at this point.

They simply lose hope and throw the watery pap away. Sincerely, you need a plan B if you pap remains watery because you cannot continue to waste food, resources and your precious time .

I assure you that you will be able to turn your watery pap into a thick pap if you follow the steps listed below. Before I list the steps needed, please note that to get a good result with this method, you will need to exercise of patience.

But in the end, I guarantee that all the patience will be worth it and you will surely get a thick and creamy baby pap.

How to cook Nigerian pap

This method can also be used for all types of Nigerian pap such as yellow corn pap, white corn pap and also sorghum pap commonly called ogi baba by Yoruba people or generically called brown pap because of its colour.

When your pap turns out to be watery, the next thing you need to do is cook it. When cooking your pap, you need to follow the steps listed below so that your pap will have a thick and lump-free outcome.

  • Set your cooker to medium or low heat
  • Place your sauce pan on the cooker
  • Pour the watery pap into the sauce pan
  • Get a spatula or omorogun
  • Mix the pap continuously until it thickens

Personally, my preferred temperature for this hack is low heat. Voila!!! You have successfully made you watery pap thick and you no longer have to feel the guilt of wasting food.

how to cook baby pap


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