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Nigerian food available

Clean & Dried Ponmo

Ponmo Ijebu has been cleaned to save you the time and stress of cleaning

Bleached Palm 50cl

Ideal for ofada sauce, ewa agoyin sauce, Ẹfọ riro and other Nigerian dishes

egusi seeds
Egusi Seeds 100g

Cook delicious egusi soup with our premium quality egusi seeds

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All Nigerian Foods and Ingredients

Cook Nigerian foods with ease. All the ingredients you need to cook delicious Nigerian dishes are available

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Nigerian Breakfast

Start your day with best selling organic yellow or brown akamu/ogi made from corn or Sorghum TIME IS RUNNING OUT. ORDER NOW!!!

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Beauty & Personal Care

black soap
Raw African Black soap

100% Authentic Raw African Black soap is shipped directly from Ghana. It is ideal for sensitive, oily, dry and acne-prone skin

African net sponge
Exfoliating Net Sponge

This EXFOLIATING SPONGE is used to scrub off dead skin and dry skin from the body to reveal a fresh look.

Aboniki balm

Keep your body warm this winter with aboniki balm. Good for joint pain, body aches and many more

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All Beauty & African Care Products

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Nigerian Snacks Available

Kuli kuli

Kuli kuli or kuli kuli alata is a spicy and crunchy Nigerian snack made of peanuts/groundnuts, peanut oil, chilli pepper and salt. It can be eaten alone or used to drink Garri.

Roasted Peanut

Organic roasted peanuts or groundnuts are healthy choice for snacks. SAME SHIPPING FEE APPLIES WHEN YOU BUY UP TO 4BOTTLES

baba dudu
Baba Dudu - Coconut candy

Baba dudu is a popular Nigerian street candy made with coconut and sugar. It is also called ayigbe toffee, kube and other names. Each Pack Contains 24 pieces of candy.

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All Nigerian products available

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