Ponmo Ijebu (10 pcs per pack)

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Ready to cook ponmo Ijebu has been cleaned to save you the time and stress of cleaning. It has also been properly dried to extend the shelf life so that it is easy to store. When softened this dried ponmo becomes at least twice its previous size.

Each pack contains 5 pieces of cleaned and dried ponmo.

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Store dried ponmo easily without worry.  To relief cooking stress and reduce cooking time Ponmo Ijebu has been cleaned. Get value for your money, when dried ponmo is softened, it becomes atleast twice its previous size To soften ponmo soak in room temperature water overnight or at least 6 hours or more Store in cool and dry place. Here is a recipe on how to make peppered ponmo also known as ponmo alata.
Peppered Ponmo
Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 16 × 2 × 15 cm





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